More and more people are wanting to get outdoors and try camping. Not necessarily camping on a campsite but getting back to basics and out in the wild. This course is particularly aimed to those that are new to wild camping and don’t know where to start. Like all of our courses this can be tailored to your needs. Whether you are a family who wants to spend a couple of nights out in the woods or an organisation that is running a team building event, we can help you prepare for your expedition. We can even suggest areas that you can go, walk to the site with you and help you set up. We’ll even come back the next day and see how you’re getting on. Below are just some of the things we’ll cover.


Overnight Shelter

We can offer recommendations on what you might need and are happy to walk you through setting this up. If you are looking for a natural shelter, then we can run a course on building an overnight natural shelter to sleep in.

camp cooking.jpg


We can show you how to set up a campfire to cook on and demonstrate how to cook some camp fire meals. We can also advise on what you might need to run a camp kitchen.



We will be happy to demonstrate and show you what to pack and how to use your kit for a day hike, overnight hike or a week long camp and how to pack light on a budget.