We can show you how to use all the tools you would be taking into the woods, teaching you the safe way to use tools and equipping you with more confidence. All of our courses are catered for different age groups and aimed at new visitors to the woods.


knife skills

Offering safe handling and correct ways to use a knife.



From lighting a simple fire with a match and making a brew to learning how to start a fire by friction, solar, electrical and flint and steel.


green woodworking

Learn some simple green woodworking methods, anything from a tent peg to a shave horse.


Water Purification

Learn how to find and collect undrinkable water and learn how to filter and make it safe to drink.


Natural Cordage

Learn how to collect resources from nature and create natural cordage for different uses.



Learn some natural ways to find your way around the woods and what to do if you get lost.