Border Bushcraft
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Freelance bushcraft services to individuals, groups and organisations.


Based in the Scottish Borders, which offers an abundance of outdoor areas to explore, Border Bushcraft specialise in introducing individuals and groups to the basic skills needed to enjoy the outdoors. Ranging from fire skills to green woodworking, setting up camp to water purification skills, we give you the confidence to get out, feel safe, stay fed and start connecting with the environment around you.

We offer a range of different courses, focussing on different elements of outdoor living. However, each course is not set in stone and everything can be tailored to your needs. The courses detailed here give you a flavour of what we can offer. But the best way to find out is to get in touch.

Similarly, if you are an outdoor organisation looking for someone who specialises in Bushcraft on a freelance basis, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.




About us


My love for the outdoors started at an early age, coming from a farming and construction background.  As a boy I would spend my summers learning all the countryside ways from the old boys on the farm, learning to live off the land. At the age of nine, I was sent off to a military style school where a retired SAS major took me under his wing and filled my weekends making dens, traps and learning to live under canvas.  

I left school and went straight into a three year, old style, apprenticeship in horticulture where I learnt all about plants and their uses from, again, an old boy who wanted to pass on his knowledge before retiring.  I passed as the top student and spent the next 10 years as a nurseryman. Adventure in the outdoors was still calling so I joined the TA where I learned more outdoor skills, field craft, team work and leadership skills.

I have been honing my bushcraft skills since moving to Scotland 12 years ago and completed my Forest School training Working with Nature Unlimited and have taught all different groups from pre-school, primary, secondary, ex-offenders, dads and lads, education, mental health and wellbeing groups. I have attended a number of bushcraft and outdoor courses to gain more experience and in my spare time I’m often off with my family wild camping and teaching my sons all the skills i have picked up. I have a full pvg, first aid trained, child protection and mental health awareness and walk leader certificates.


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